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Set - Gun Powder

Set - Gun Powder

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This high-quality, handmade Epoxee set consisting of a serving board and coasters was made of beautiful Walnut wood and Black-colored epoxy resin. The serving board and coasters were made with a lot of attention to detail, which ensures that this set will always be an eye-catcher!

To protect the surface of the products, they were finely sanded several times and processed with high-quality mineral oil.

The serving board can be used to serve a variety of dishes such as sushi, cheese, starters, bread, fruit and everything else you can imagine.

The Epoxee set is a suitable gift for all occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, gifts for a new home, gifts for your mother, grandmother and all other relatives. 

This set is a gift that no one would expect, and everyone would appreciate.

 Epoxy resin
Walnut wood
Rubio Pure Oil
Serving board: 350х250х20mm; Coasters: 4х90x90x20mm 
Serving board: 2kg ; Coasters 4x0.2kg


✓ We are aware that our business has an impact on nature, so we undertake to use part of the company profit for planting new trees.

✓ We use biodegradable and recyclable materials for our packaging whenever possible.

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