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Coasters - Aquamarine

Coasters - Aquamarine

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These high-quality, handmade Epoxee coasters were made of beautiful Walnut wood and Light Blue-colored epoxy resin.

To protect the coasters, their surface was finely sanded several times and processed with high-quality mineral oil.

With the combination of high-quality wood and epoxy resin, these products will always be eye-catchers and will certainly impress their new owners. Beauty, uniqueness and quality are the main characteristics of our coasters.

The Epoxee coasters are the perfect addition for every home, they fit very well in kitchens, living rooms or even bedrooms! They are ideal as a gift- whether you are looking for a birthday gift, wedding gift, engagement gifts or Christmas gift.

 Epoxy resin
 Light Blue
 Walnut wood
Rubio Pure Oil



✓ We are aware that our business has an impact on nature, so we undertake to use part of the company profit for planting new trees.

✓ We use biodegradable and recyclable materials for our packaging whenever possible.

Die Untersetzer lassen sich perfekt mit unseren ebenso schönen handgefertigten Servierbrettern aus Epoxidharz und Nussbaumholz kombinieren.

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